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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is GOLD2CASH?
A: GOLD2CASH is a modern day trading post where you can convert old or broken jewelry, silverware or any precious metals into cash
on the spot.

Q: Do I need to leave my metals with you and come back?
A: No, we will weigh and test your metals right in front of you.

Q: Why do I want to sell now?
A: Because precious metals are now trading at a thirty year high, there has never been a better time.

Q: What are you doing in a supermarket?
A: We are located here for your convenience.
Q: I have never seen this type of business conducted from a Kiosk before, isn't this a little strange?
A: Not strange but innovative. By adopting this business model we can keep our overhead low. A low overhead means that we can pay you the highest amount possible for your precious metals.

Q: I have heard that this is good for the environment, is this true?
A: Yes, absolutely. Many industries need gold, silver and platinum besides the jewelry industry. For example electronics use gold in circuit boards and cars use platinum in catalytic converters. The more precious metals we can recycle, the less ore that needs to be mined and refined.

Q: Are there any weight limits?
A: No amount is too small or too large to sell.